Testimonials about The Warm-Up Studio™

This is powerful stuff!! As a professional international speaker and trainer, the vocal techniques Cindy uses make an immediate impact. They are practical, effective and easy to incorporate into your daily program. I would highly recommend this down-to-earth CD to anyone who makes their living with their voice! It could mean the difference between making a living or just getting paid.
Marja Lee Freeman
M.L. Freeman Consulting

Very informative. I learned much more than I expected about my voice and what affects it. Also the relaxation techniques taught by Ms. Milligan can be used effectively in everyday life, it’s great!
Ray Turner

The Warm-Up Studio was such a surprise. I never expected to feel so great - especially after a warm-up. Singing is now effortless and my voice sounds so good - my voice teacher was shocked! This warm up is very special, it’s a far cry from singing scales. Cindy’s CD is amazing, and so relaxing.
Jordan Donahue
Singer and Actor

If you are a speaker, singer or someone who uses your voice professionally and you want to excel about the rest...Cindy Milligan's "Warm-Up Studio" is a must have. What I love about this program is that it's simple, exercise-friendly and time-friendly...bottom-line - it works!
CaSaundra L. Jolliff
Motivational Speaker/Performance Consultant & Trainer
President, The Jolliff Group

Cindy Milligan’s delivery of this new and exciting information is quickly assimilated and executed. You must try it. You will love it!!!
Angela Velzi

I had never used any warm up techniques before, but after using the Warm-Up Studio, let me tell you it works and I feel it was money well spent. I strongly recommend this product to Ministers.
Aldren “Al” Sadler Sr.
Senior Pastor, Millers Chapel Baptist Church
Conyers, Ga.

One of my students was having an issue with tensing up her muscles and straining. What the CD did for her was that it helped her relax so much so she was able to sing more comfortably because her body was relaxed.
Natarsha Garcia,
Voice Instructor
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The Classes
Cindy was awesome! Her experience is vast. She was energetic and fun. I feel that I got tons of information in such a short time. Thanks, Cindy!

Cindy’s enthusiasm is contagious! Thanks for a great class. Lots of valuable info. Cindy’s ability to convey the course content was amazing!
Susan Chambers

Very challenging, fun and exciting. Cindy is very helpful and encouraging! Great class!
Kim Morrow

Cindy makes her students feel comfortable enabling us to give our best performance. You have a winner here!
Kim Zetter

This is a great seminar. I would recommend it to anyone.
Valerie Applebaum

Excellent hands-on and guidance from “TheVoxFox!”
John Houton

Cindy is phenom!!!
Angela Velzi

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